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Tour options in Eastern Uganda



White Water rafting:         Taken as a day trip to Jinja from a gazetted point in Kampala. The rafting company picks up at around 07:00am and after meeting the rafting party the short drive heads out to Jinja where the briefing and taking a full day of rafting on the Nile on class 5 rapids. Drinks and rafting gear are provided, as well as unlimited drinks and a buffet lunch and return transfers to and from Kampala.  There is also an option for an overnight trip which features staying on an Island, as well as the family floats for families of younger rafters. Prices start at around USD125 per person for a day trip.

Bungee jumping is also offered either as a separate tour or as a combo with the rafting. At some point on the Nile, clients are able to take a plunge of over 40 meters to the Nile Waters.

Source of the Nile:           The tour to the source of the River Nile in Eastern Uganda gets one past the Mhatama Ghandi’s Memorial at Jinja to the spot where the Nile exits the Lake Victoria to begin the longest river journey on earth through Sudan and Egypt before emptying in the Mediterranean sea. A boat trip is available to sail visitors to the spot seen by explorer John Hannington Speke during the era of Africa’s discovery.

Itanda Falls:                  A spot of beauty on the River Nile where white water cascades can be seen from some viewing points. As you trek into the forest, you are surprised by this magnificent view of raging white water rapids on the Nile which are 6 grade. It is possible to spot vervet monkeys, egrets and cormorants that are attracted by the fish. A little fishing village is also in the vicinity and fishermen can be seen casting their nets from the falls.

Samuka island retreat:       A private retreat on an Island in Lake Victoria where access is by a speed boat from the Source of the Nile. Not much activities apart from the serene environment and indoor games as well as spending the relaxing days doing some bird watching or relaxing by the swimming pool.

Quad Biking on the Nile:    Tours along the Nile banks on Quad Bikes exploring the remote villages in Jinja. A nice way to explore the local villages and farmlands as one gets to meet and interact with the locals.

Sipi Falls:                           A beautiful water wall from the Mount Elgon with a drop of about 100kms and is visited as a day trip from either Mbale or Jinja. If driving out of Kampala or Entebbe, an overnight would be advised. Access is through a series of trails hiking through Caves and farmlands.