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Tanzania safaris, Lodge and wildlife Camping

Tanzania safaris, Lodge and wildlife Camping

Tanzania safaris Africa

One of the safari destinations for a tour to Africa, Tanzania offers some abundant wildlife and nature. Not many holiday destinations in Africa compares with Tanzania. From the peaks of the highest mountain in Africa, to the endless plains of the Serengeti. See the millions of wildlife, Zebra, Wildebeest, Topi and others on the annual migrations into Kenya.  Primate safaris at the Gombe stream and see troops of Chimpanzees at the sanctuary. Enjoy the Tanzania Safaris and holidays of a lifetime, then have our experienced operations team based in Arusha plan your vacation.

A sample of Tanzania safaris:


A Tanzania holiday,

is not only about the wildlife African safari, but the rich cultures of the friendly people. You can experience the Masai tribesmen on the northern Tanzania circuit. The Bush tribesmen have maintained their tradition of hunting and gathering around the Lake Eyasi and the Ngorongoro highlands. Following the arrival into Tanzania, our tours, begin from the Kilimanjaro International Airport with a night in Arusha or Dar Es Salaam. Shopping after a wildlife viewing holiday in Tanzania, is available at the border crossings of Namanga. Also at the airport and some curio shops owned by the local Samburu and Masai. For those with a limited time in Tanzania, you may want to visit some cultural centers. Experience local traditions of the population close to the main cities.

The Serengeti game reserve

The Serengeti  Tanzania features very prominently on an African Wildlife Safari.  Millions of Wildebeest, Zebra, Gazelle, Cheetah, Rhino and countless birds can be seen on your Vacation in the Tanzanian wilderness. The annual migration best observed from the beginning of the year, till around August, when the migrating wildlife moves through the different sections of the Serengeti on their voyage into the Masai Mara in Kenya. Large prides of Lion, Cheetah, Jackal, Hyena, wild dog and vultures congregate during this magnificent natural phenomenon.


For a holiday of Tanzania into Zanzibar, one would usually end their big five trip tour by flying , driving or sailing into the Zanzibar Islands. The options include; Visiting the Old Stone Town with the ancient architecture brought about by the Arabs during the slave trade era. The beach holidays of Tanzania, provide some relaxation and spa service. Other activities include water spots and scuba diving in clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. You may also take time to explore the spice Islands, visiting the local Swahili people who work on these farms, sample their home prepared foods and get to enjoy the white sandy beaches at the coast.

Southern Circuit

In the south of the country, Tanzania offers walking safaris, as well as river cruises. Walking safaris are then conducted from lodges or Safari camps with ranger guide. Or as close as a few meters by the guided boat safaris on the Rufiji river. Wildlife in this area is not seen in the other national parks of Tanzania. It is possible to see large packs of hunting dogs outrunning and feeding on wildebeest, you could also see the rare Greater Kudu, Roan Antelope and the Oryx. Hippos and Nile crocodiles bask by the river banks. The colorful birds like the pelicans, fish along rivers with the occasional Cape buffalo in the Miombo woodland swamps.

Wildlife safaris

A safari into the Ngorongoro Crater, guarantees wildlife viewing, since most of the animals are non migratory. Game can be seen all year around and you would also be able to see the millions of flamingos here, as well as on Lake Manyara. The colorful pink birds, can be seen feeding on the algae in the shallow volcanic Lakes. The Black Rhinos are very common in the Ngorongoro, while for the historically leaning safari enthusiast, the home of the Nut cracker fossil and the millions year old stone tools at the Olduvai gorge museum will provide some background to human evolution.

Nature walks

The wildlife Lodges in the Serengeti Game Reserve, Lake Mnayara, Tarangire, as well as the Selous and Mikumi National parks offer guided walking safaris close to their properties. The resident local Masai guides will be able to show you around. They interpret nature and follow animal spoors while identifying birds, plant life and offering lectures on the history of the area.

Balloon Safaris

The Balloon safaris are usually offered in the Serengeti plains, where you fly in a hydrogen powered craft, floating over the African Savannah. The animals below are a sight to behold as you glide peacefully over Elephant, Zebra, Lion, cheetah and other wildlife, before landing for a sumptuous buffet bush breakfast with champagne. This is usually available with advance booking through the safari company.

Camping tours

Camping Tanzania safaris, are a good way of experiencing the wildlife of Tanzania at an affordable price but not so comfortable sleeping arrangements. In a private or shared safari land cruiser, clients will be staying in mobile tents in the open Savannah and the private chef will be cooking the meals off a mobile Kitchen while on safari.

The mountain climbing expeditions into the Kilimanjaro, meanwhile, hike through Mountain vegetation into the peaks of Africa’s highest point. Glaciers and snow are eventually reached on a multi day climb with Tanzanian local guides. This trip can also be combined with other tours in Tanzania, or a trek of the primates in Mahale. You may also encounter some birds on your African safari where the notable Martial Eagle and the Secretary bird may be on the lookout for the snakes and rodents on your African Holiday.
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